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Future-oriented marketing solutions that maximize your growth potential with creative innovation and data-driven precision.

Our team - dynamic, innovative and focused.

CtrlE Consulting is characterized by a culture of innovation and continuous learning. We are an ensemble of creative minds, strategic thinkers and technical experts who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital marketing. Our way of working is agile, data-driven and always on the cutting edge. We foster an atmosphere of open communication and collaboration, where each team member contributes their individual strengths and fresh perspectives. This inclusive approach allows us to develop customized and innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients from a wide range of industries. We are more than just a team - we are your partners on the path to new, exponential growth.

Our values

Innovation and creativity

We value and encourage the creative spirit and innovative strength required to constantly renew and adapt our marketing strategies. Our strategies should not just follow trends, but actively shape them.

Data-driven decisions

Our work is based on a solid database. We use advanced analytics to make informed decisions and ensure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Transparency and integrity

Honesty and openness are the cornerstones of our daily work. We communicate clearly and transparently with our customers and ensure that they are always informed about the progress and results of their projects.

Customer success as a priority

The success of our clients is our ultimate goal. We strive to understand our clients' goals and visions and are committed to achieving them with the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness.

CtrlE Consulting - Team

Philipp-Thomas Mueller

CEO, Founder
Growth Marketing & Growth Hacking
Marketing Advisor
SEO & SEA, Youtube SEO

Klaus fuehrer

Social Media: LinkedIn, Meta
Youtube, Youtube SEO
Content Marketing

Stefan hackl

esports Marketing
SEO Content

David Rogner


Patrick Bokesch


Marion Mueller

Business Development
Project Management

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